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yelled at him. >> like hey, you just cut my leggings. and he was like no, no, no, it was my bag. he was carrying a little yellow bag. and he hurried away. >> reporter: and then she felt the blood and the pain. >> there was blood all over my hand, like ridiculous. i started freaking out. >> reporter: police believe that jennifer's attack was the first of five possibly inflicted by the same man, who uses a box cutter or razor blade and slashes young women on their buttocks. >> it was about this long and, i mean, you know, it was like a gush, like pretty deep. >> reporter: two of the attacks happened at the h&m store on tyson's corner on june 18, another at the green breyer shopping center and two occurred at fair oaks mall. the most recent was this past monday. that's when fairfax police finally connected the attacks. >> it may not have risen to the top simply because, you know, many of the cases, they were, you know, with all due respect,
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my minor incidents. >> i think it's horrible. and i'm glad that it's bigger now so he will get caught. >> reporter: now, police believe that the original incident was isolated. it was not until the fifth one occurred, that they pieced it all together. it took them that long. because there were different detectives, they had to pile it together before they realized it was perhaps the same man. the suspect is a hispanic man in his mid-30s. he is heavy set and jennifer says he has a heavy accent. she very much wants this man caught and she advises young women to not go shopping alone. back to you. >> all right, thank you. of course, he had that white wristband or watch on. >> yes. >> in several of the surveillance pictures, that's right. all right, the heat on the way tomorrow could break some records. meteorologist anny hong is in for topper shutt.
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anny, fill us in. >> reporter: we're talking about a heat advisory for tomorrow morning through tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. we're expecting a triple digit heat once again. by now you can already still feel the heat. temperatures are around 93 downtown, manassas at 93, hagerstown until the mid-80 -- in the mid-80s. but when you factor in the humidity, it feels like the upper 90s downtown. fredericksburg, 107. manassas, 99. winchester feeling like 99 degrees. here is a look at the heat advisory that goes into effect at 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., expecting the heat index values by late afternoon, 105 to 109 degrees. now for tonight, you'll feel that mugginess, partly to mostly cloudy conditions, warm and muggy. it was a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm or shower possible, generally north of town, close to mason/dixon line. i'll let you know how long the heat will last and when you might get a little break, and better chances for some storms and for your weekend forecast
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coming up later. >> anny, thank you. well, we've got big news coming out of redskin's training camp today. the disgruntle defenseman lineman was traded to the new england patriots this morning. we have live reactions about that trade. >> reporter: i said it this morning, no surprises again here, just a lot of relief. the saga hung around for so long, but on tuesday they don't want to say another word about albert haynesworth. he department have to worry about that -- he doesn't have to worry about that michigan this redskins nightmare is officially done. >> the money is awesome, it's great. but i'm out here when i want to put that helmet on. it is to kick butt and make sure that god knows i'm the best player to ever be played against. >> reporter: it didn't happen. in the $100 million man logged
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just four sacks, missed four games, and claimed about the defensive scheme. while they did not speak to reporters again, fans in the area certainly did. >> when you give someone too much and just enough potential, $100 million, do you think he will work as hard? >> reporter: apparently not. he failed conditioning tests and was deactivated for eight games. dogged by legal problems as well, wreckless driving in nashville where he plead no contest and received probation, and a road rage incident in reston where he reached a settlement with the victim. a trial for the misdemeanor sexual abuse in which haynesworth is accused of inappropriately groping a waitress at the downtown w hotel is scheduled for august. and those problems, they are now new england's. the team has a long history of making players up to par. are they ready for this? >> i think he's great player, a hell of a player. hi a chance to play -- i had a
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chance to play in the pro-bowl with him. i think he's a great athlete. >> reporter: fans here simply say good riddens. >> you don't need that much negative activity going around >> reporter: coming up at 5:50, some recognizable redskins that you know very well are gone, they have been cut. we'll tell you who. for now, dave owens for 9sports, back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. and the decision deadline on the debt ceiling is quickly approaching and lawmakers seem to be no closer to compromise. john boehner is trying to win approval for his proposal and the senate democrats vow there is no way that it will reach the president's desk. derek mcginty is in the newsroom monitoring the debate. >> reporter: not only do the democrats not like speaker boehner's plan, but some members won't support it either. but the proposal is up for the discussion. and here is a live look at the capitol, where all eyes, they are on the hill. and we are live right now,
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congress is debating that measure. and the the vote is expected within the hour. now, the two-phase plan from boehner includes $917 billion in cuts to the government spending, and it would raise the debt ceiling at first by $900 billion. that allows boehner to meet his plan to decreasing spending by more than what he increases the debt by. and the problem that lawmakers from both sides have with it is that it is a short-term fix. it means that we'll be right back here in the same mess come christmas time. however, boehner maintains his plan will save the economy. for the sake of our country and jobs, i'm asking the representatives in the house and the bipartisan way and asking my colleagues in the senate, let's pass this bill and end this crisis. >> the economists have said that in a short-term arrangement, it holds be many of the same risks as a technical default. democrats are not willing to put our economy on the line. it has -- if speaker boehner's
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bill does go through, then we know they will be wasting no time at all in defeating it. they say that they will actually coming to the at night to vote it all down. the impact of a federal default on our area could be enormous and bruce leshan has been out there talking to folks who might be taking the hit. >> reporter: yes, i talked to several workers today who were almost, you know, in tears really about the uncertainty of this. they just have no idea if they are going to get paid, if the federal government stops paying their bills. >> would you like one of those magnum bars? >> reporter: he is giving away ice cream on capitol hill. >> anyone qualities except for the people working up there. they don't qualify. >> reporter: they are hoping that a little comedy will convince them to compromise. >> come on up, get some free ice cream. >> everyone needs to go back to kindergarten and learn how to come up with something. >> yes, it costs us money. unless they resolve the debt
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crisis, it will cost us all a lot more money. >> reporter: the greater washington board of trade is warning a default could cost local businesses a fortune. the president said it could hurt ten times as much as the government shutdown we just avoided a few months ago. >> now, this might be a cash crunch for a lot of businesses in greater washington that might not get paid. >> this land is your land. >> reporter: outside the house, federal workers, progressive union leaders rallied to complain that they are ponds in a political battle. his colleagues keep asking him, what is going to happen? >> people live paycheck to paycheck. this is really serious stuff. and we are living with tremendous uncertainty now. what will happen after august 2? >> reporter: when the government threatens shutdown last spring, information was tough to come by, but at least the feds have been through it before and there was some kind of plan, default, well, that's just completely uncharted territory, never been through
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before, unprecedented, and if the obama administration has some kind of plan for who will get paid and who will get furloughed, well they have yet to share it with any of us. >> you know they don't want to create more uncertainty, but that uncertainty is scary enough with what it is. smithsonian museum may need to shut down, national zoo may need to shut down, what's the deal? >> this is kind of the separate debate on a separate appropriations bill in committee. and representative jim moran of alexandria hopes to defeat the plan, but these are really kind of the tough choices that we could be facing if we're going to bring the budget really into balance. bruce, thank you for that. >> all right, derek and bruce, thank you. now, police say that an a-wall muslim soldier that had weapons stashed in a motel room has admitted to planning an attack on the texas coast. and the fbi plans to charge
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this man with possessing bomb- making materials. now, officials says that he has admitted to planning an attack on ft. hood. tonight, they are praising a gunshop owner for alerting them to some suspicious behavior that eventually lead to his arrest. >> i think it's important for them to be mindful of that in this day and age and what is in your surroundings. now, when you see something that is out of the ordinary, make sure you report it to the local law enforcement. >> fort hood is the same post where 13 people died back in 2009 in the worst mass shooting ever on a u.s. military installation. another muslim-american soldier has been charged in those killings. police are trying to solve a murder mystery tonight in temple hills. the woman was found dead on the balcony of the apartment in the 4600 block of dallas place this morning. investigators found her after getting a call about an odor of gas coming from the apartment.
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they found the victim. now, her name has not yet been released. it happened just after 7:00 this morning in ashton. now, police say that the u.s. collided with a landscaping truck and one person in that suv you see there was killed. they were shut down for three hours. >> no more fumbling. and the city leaders announced today that pay by phone parking is now available at meters across the city. and there are about 17,000 of those metered spaces in the district. we do not need to register, or i should say you do need to register for the park mobile system, that's an important thing to note. but once you register, you need to use a mobile app to pay the fee. coming up, don't mess with this man. find out what happens when someone tried to rob the jeopardy host. and also ahead, a man
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breathes life back into a little boy who was found at the bottom of the pool. a surveillance camera captures the whole thing on tape. but first, a pilot who downed his plan in lake heron and then spent 17 hours swimming and treading water speaks out about an incredible ordeal. vr
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♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance.
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i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the safety was off. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. a new york pilot is resting comfortably. >> the 42-year-old was pulled from lake heron after treading
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water for 18 hours. and with no life jacket. >> i was just waving that out there. and by the grace of god, they fell down. i about started crying. >> reporter: the pilot was flying this cessna on tuesday when the engine began sputtering. now, he went down around 29 miles from the michigan shore. >> well now, you know, i've got my shoes on, my pants on, and you can see that there is ten feet of water. i'm getting doused by water and they strike me down every time a wave goes by. >> reporter: he is not a strong swimmer, but he survived a night with nothing to hold on to to keep them afloat. >> that's the one thing i wanted one more time to, was to wrap my arms around my wife and my mom. >> reporter: around 10:00 a.m., they were passing by their boat when they saw a trap bombing in the water. >> it appeared to be a coconut in the water and i just thought it was a head.
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it would have probably been a different story if we would have left earlier. >> they pulled me right out here. he survived because he was not ready to die. randall minuteston, cbs news. >> they will need to wait and see if they will pilot again. something you can certainly understand, anita? >> yes, you can. well, the hotel maid is accusing strauss-kahn is thanking her supporters. they spoke at a church cultural center are today in brooklyn. he met with prosecutors on wednesday who are deciding whether or not to pursue the criminal case. >> i had a lot of things here. that's why i had to be here and let people know. a lot of things that just happened, you know? >> the district attorney's office has acknowledged
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concerns about the credibility. his next court appearance has been pushed back from august 1 to the 23rd, can which will allow prosecutors more time to complete their investigation. the older kids get, the more likely they are to cheat. and that is the findings from a new survey out of fairfax county schools. the study shows that when sixth graders were asked if cheating was okay, 97% said no way. by 8th grade, only 82% said they would never cheat, and just 61% of high schoolers said the same thing. and the survey also showed that older teens are less likely to tell their parents the truth and that more likely to ignore rules. and you don't say? all right, well lesli, anny? >> we see the percentages of the cheating survey, what percentages of the humidity do we have on here? we can feel it. >> well, we have these dew points, in your 70s, which is what you can feel. it's been big. we're not in the direct sun, we're just saying, you know, you don't feel too bad. when you factor in the humidity, you know, it does
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feel sticky out here. it will be worse tomorrow. here is a look at the doppler radar. we've got showers up to the north of us. fairly northwest of baltimore. and so now, around north of town, a better chance for showers here and some passing isolated thunderstorms that are possible. and north of dc, well, northern maryland. some of these storms, they have been impacting parts of philadelphia and new york where you do see the lightning bolts. and some of the storms, you know, they were pretty strong. and they were severe in some locations. now around our area, we don't expect them to be severe, but you can see the lightning strikes over there. we'll see them when they come in over on the southern edge of this system. now right now, temperatures are 93 downtown, 90 in gaithersburg, lower 90s in manassas. culpepper cooking at 97 degrees. these dew points, lesli talked about them. right now they are in the close of 70 downtown. lower 70s for manassas. you know r, mid to upper 60s in winchester. we'll see the dew points once again in the 70s tomorrow.
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good news, not around 80 like last week and a coastal flooding advisory is in effect, which starts on friday at 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m., generally overnight with ties about one- foot are expected. watch for minor flooding if you live in these locations. and all right, so now what are we expecting? the heat and humidity is back. it is hot again on friday. and also saturday, maybe we could break some records and set some new ones. tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. warm and muggy, an isolated storm is possible. generally north of town, lows will be 68 to 78 degrees. now around downtown, mid-70s. martinsburg, 71. andrews air force base, you'll cool down to 74 degrees. tomorrow morning as you're headed out the door, partly to mostly sunny and very warm by noon. now, air quality forecast for your friday is code orange, which is unhealthy for our sensitive growth, including young children, elderly, and people with preexisting medical
5:20 pm
conditions. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. by the afternoon, get ready for the very hot conditions and humid. isolated storms are possible in the afternoon and early evening. highs will be 97 to 102. the west winds are at 10 miles per hour. so around downtown, 100. andrew's air force base, 99. frederick, 97. manassas, 101 degrees. here is how your daybreaks down for your friday. a mild start by noon in the mid- 90s in a lot of locations. hot by lunch and then at 5:00, 96 to 101 degrees. here is your next three days. 100 on friday, saturday, still hot. 95 degrees, but a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. here is your seven-day outlook, sunday, 93 degrees. a chance for some milder storms as well. the next several days, back on monday, back into the upper 90s, we finish out next week, wednesday, thursday, mid to upper 90s. tomorrow's high at reagan national is 99. so with the forecast of 100. i think that we will set some new records and finish off the month, you know, with temperatures at least 90. it's been a tough, very hot
5:21 pm
month. >> yes, very hot july indeed. all right. up next, the jeopardy host talks about how he got hurt chasing down a burglar at a san francisco hotel.
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a british tabloid source is saying that amy winehouse's tiny frame could not handle the abrupt detox and says that a seizure could have been what ended his life. >> alex trebec put himself at risk. we have the story with surae
5:25 pm
chinn. >> reporter: he explained in typical jeopardy fashion why he was hobbling on crutches. >> the answer is? 2:30 yesterday morning chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel. >> reporter: he hosted the national geographic world championship at google headquarters in mountainview. he and his wife stayed at the downtown marriott in san francisco, and that's where the burglar struck. at about 2:30 tuesday morning as the couple slept, he said that he was awakened by an intruder in the room. police say she was a 56-year- old burglar with a long wrap sheet. he chased her down the hallway until his heel gave way. >> a snap in the sound, i have played sports all my life. >> reporter: he tore his achilles tendon. as he fell, he injure his other leg, but that did not stop the 72-year-old game show host. >> i called security
5:26 pm
immediately and gave them a good description of the woman, and they got her. >> the suspect later was apprehended by one of the security people inside the hotel, and they recovered some of the stolen items, minus the cash, near an ice machine. >> he got his wallet and cell phone back, still missing besides the cash is something that has been in great value to him. >> the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear is the bracelet that my mother gave many years ago, so that's gone. >> reporter: police will not sayshe got inside the hotel room, but that she was not armed and his life was not at risk. he is expected to have surgery on friday. in the newsroom, surae chinn, 9news now. >> and now the woman has a previous record and they do not believe he was targeted because of his celebrity, but he will be in a cast for the next six weeks. coming up next at 5:30,
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pictures of a parent breathing life back into a little boy who was found floating in the bottom of the swimming pool. 65,000 drivers in los angeles will not need to pay their red light camera tickets. will you be doing the same here? that answer is coming up.
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new at 5:30, will jurisdictions go away or do
5:30 pm
away i should say with the red light cameras in the wake of similar actions in los angeles? >> well, wouldn't that be nice? >> okay. now, armando trull is live in rockville for us, to tell us the real deal. what can you expect, armando? >> reporter: i wish i had good news for you. if they are expecting to see work crews take a hammer to the red light cameras, all i can say is not to hold your breath. >> i lived in california, they had them there, they caused more accidents. people would not go through the red lights so they would jam on their brakes and have rear-end collisions. >> reporter: that won't be happening anymore, they scrapped the controversial program, shutting down their 32- red light cameras. and the city was unable to collect millions of dollars in unpaid tickets. about 65,000 drivers refused to pay the $500 fine because of loopholes in the way the law was written. >> who told you not to pay the ticket? >> my inner voice. >> reporter: and many drivers we spoke to in our area wished
5:31 pm
the same thing would happen here. >> i think that it is a way of entrapping drivers to make money. there's no point in it. >> reporter: stray had these for more than 10 years. one of them carries a $75 fine. if you don't pay, you can't renew your tags. >> i think that most people, they support our red light camera program. >> reporter: the chair of the county's public safety committee, he says that montgomery county will not be following los angeles' lead. >> what's better here? it is clear that it's a mandatory fine, it's not a voluntary fine, we're going to enforce it. it's restricted, you know, to red light running in a sense that we don't give tickets for right turns on red. >> some drivers we spoke to, they are just fine with that. >> you know, it doesn't bother me that i got caught because i got caught. >> reporter: and now officials say that these cameras, the revenue is dropping, but that's because most people, they are obeying the law. therefore they are not going away any time soon. >> all right, armando, thank
5:32 pm
you for that. >> so the maryland state highway administration is doing some preemptive strikes to ease traffic around the national naval medical? in bethesda. crews will be widening both connecticut avenue northbound from manor road to the beltway and cedar lane near route 355. they will help alleviate congestion after patients are transferred there. and the number of visitors to the medical center is expected to double when that happens, and, of course, nih is out there too. >> uncertainty about the nation's economy. the dow finished the day down 62 points to close at 12,240. and nasdaq fell just one point and s&p dropped four points. stocks could have fallen further if not for encouraging news from the labor market. less people filed for unemployment last week for the first time since april. the number of filings dipped below 400,000 last week. and that is a positive signs
5:33 pm
that employers are laying off fewer workers. well, job seekers spent an enormous amount of time on the internet looking for unemployment. and according to the better business bureau, scammers, they are more than willing to take advantage of them. and so tonight, we'll tell you how to spot the most common job hunting scams and avoid being taken by crooks online. >> reporter: job hunters spend hours in front of the computers searching the internet for opportunities, sending out resumes after resumes. and for the most frustrated, online scams, they can be tough to spot and easy to fall for, thanks to clever websites that could add in an air of legitimacy to the sham. they recently rounded up the most defective online scams, including a few that take advantage of job seekers. some offered to match up consumers with the job for a feoffment -- jobs for a fee. they would swipe your bank account information and in some cases, your social security number. also on the list, work-from-
5:34 pm
home scheme that offer you a chance to work as a mystery shopper. the bbb reminds job hunters that legitimate offers, they will never ask for money upfront for a background check, a credit report, or other so- called administrative fees. don't click on unsolicited job offers in your e-mail. those links could corrupt your computer with spy ware and be careful about where you upload your resume. the personal information on it, could make you a target for identity thieves. >> and now if you have been a victim of the job scams, where you find one on the internet, you'll want to report it to the better business bureau or contact the internet fraud complaint center. anita? >> lesli, caught on tape, two burglary suspects who nearly got away with a big break, trying to smash their way into a gas station with a tire iron. an alarm company was watching though with their repeated attempts, they saw it all on the surveillance camera, called police, and just when the guys were about to give up, the cops arrived. the two men and three suspected
5:35 pm
accomplices all under arrest. now to a story of a wal- mart security manager who is being credited with saving a little boy's life who almost drowned. a 4-year-old boy was swimming at a florida pool when he slipped out of the inner tube and went to the bottom of the pool. he stayed there for almost five minutes. take a look. >> reporter: the dramatic incident all caught on the surveillance video. the 4-year-old floating in the deep end at the community pool last saturday. >> apparently he was playing around, other kids were jumping in, and it looks like it appeared he slipped through the inner tube and no one noticed. >> no one would notice for four minutes and 40 seconds. even chad's babysitter did not realize he was gone. >> there were parents and adults standing there and children playing, people jumping around his head, floating over him. >> reporter: a young girl saw his body and ran to get her dad. >> you know, my 9-year-old daughter, samantha that didn't come and get me, god knows how long he would have been down
5:36 pm
there. >> reporter: he jumped in and brought the boy to the surface and started cpr. >> i couldn't get a pulse from him, i had nothing. >> reporter: and for more than six minutes, he continued his attempts to save chad's life. i kept telling him, i'm not going to let you go, man. >> reporter: and then water spewed from the child's mouth and nose before his eyes started to open and a faint pulse came back. >> you know when you hold a dead kid in your hands, it is not about being a hero, about being able to breathe life back into that child. >> reporter: he spent three days in the hospital recovering, now his family says he is back to being his 4-year- old self. >> i know god is good, because he is here with us now. and he is a blessing, he's a good boy. >> wow. >> chad's whole family says they are so grateful, not only to that man, but also to his little girl who was the one who spotted the little boy down at the bottom of the pool and called for help. now every year about 5,000 kids
5:37 pm
end up in the hospital because of a drowning-related accident. again, such a preventable thing, but it happens all the time. lesli? >> yes, quickly and quietly, good thing their were on it. they came to the u.s. to be servers, but now they might be victims. coming up, two womens discover cameras disguised as smoke alarms and motion detectors. don't forget we're always on, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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don't even like to think about it right now.
5:40 pm
a public meeting is taking place, and that is northern virginia's transportation office to discuss the future. ideas include an active management system, thinking of new sensors, cameras, and even the response team. arlington county wants to get people out of their cars on their feet. they want them to become more friendly for pedestrians. they want to know what motivates people. they are asking people to weigh in through an online survey. two young women from bulgaria are wondering if some revealing pictures of them are circulating on the internet. they discovered that several cameras in their florida bedroom disguised as smoke alarms and security detectors. cables from the camera make their way to a junction box in a locked closet where those signals appear to be sent by the internet. the women came to the u.s. to work as restaurant servers for
5:41 pm
a man who owns several businesses. they also happened to sublet that apartment from him, and one of the cameras focused on the bathroom. >> the bathroom here and your room, it's surprised us, you take a shower there, can you go to the toilet there. we only take a shower in the bathroom, but this is enough. i don't know someone to watch me when i'm digging deep. >> reporter: investigators are trying to sort out who owns the video equipment and when those camera signals went. both of the women, they are scheduled to return to bulgaria in september, and they sure hope that this experience in the apartment does not come back to haunt them. >> how creepy. >> yeah. coming up, we'll go back live to redskins park for details on today's big free agent signing. plus, some of the greatest music memorabilia ever made a stop here in dc today. we'll tell you where, anny? >> reporter: get ready for some very hot conditions. it will be humid once again.
5:42 pm
and into your weekend, as we take a look at your pollen report where the trees and grass pollens are low. weeds are medium. we'll have your full forecast later. controversy over make-up ads. britain had banned this story. i'm lindsey mastis, that story is coming up.
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twitter, twitter is partly to blame for a block party that turned into a riot in hollywood. people mistakingly thought that a message meant an invitation- only movie screening was open to the public, so they show up. when people were turned away from the premier, that crowd got angry and violent. people started throwing rocks, bottles, cop cars were damaged and riot police, they had to be dispatched. three people were arrested in the aftermath. well, we all know that magazine covers in the ads inside, they are air brushed to make those models, let's just say look better, a lot better.
5:46 pm
but two make-up ads featuring julia roberts have been banned in britain because of the air brushing. and according to britain's advertising authority, the ads are actually misleading. lindsey mastis brings us more on this story. >> they retouch everything. >> reporter: julia roberts is the definition of beauty. why would she need to be digitally enhanced? even when he makes the model look perfect with make-up, the picture has to be enhanced. >> sometimes the lighting effects don't work as well, sometimes the movement or the shadow. >> reporter: the professional photographer says that the same thing has happened. it's not shocking, i'm not shocked by this at all. >> reporter: these ads are for make-up, but the enhancement happens on the computer and it's easier than what you might think. take my picture, he is working with a $29 program to make me look as good as julia roberts.
5:47 pm
>> everybody, no matter how beautiful they are, can always use a little enhancing in a picture. all right. >> reporter: and he says that his clients have come to expect it, even this woman. >> when you know that there is some wrinkles in places and they go away, you know, it it takes years off, that's nice. but at the same time, you didn't change anything about my face. >> reporter: this picture of julia roberts still looks like julia roberts. but the ad is meant to sell her make-up, and digitally altering its effects could be viewed as false advertising. >> if you're demonstrating that your product will erase all the wrinkles and will take all zits off you and then you retouch a photo to show it that would not normally have been the case, then that is when it rises to the level of, you know, questionable ethics. >> reporter: in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. they banned the ads after a lawmaker issued this complaint. that lawmaker has been spearheading a long campaign
5:48 pm
against altering images to the ads at the point that they are misleading. a new museum here in the nation's capitol aims to show people the long history of american muslims. the first exhibit at the america's islamic heritage museum opened up today. among other things, they feature artifacts and legal documents of early muslim life here in the u.s. they tell the story of muslim royalty, and an evidence that islam was practiced by the native americans as well as european settlers. and the same eastern market is in danger of shrinking. a from posed development that includes -- a proposed development that would reduce the number of tents from 100 to 68. residents from the capitol hill neighborhood are asking for this program to be delayed until they could come up with another plan. the project is set to go before a review board this week. rock 'n' roll history is coming alive again. hard rock celebrating their hoth anniversary -- their 40th anniversary with a special tour
5:49 pm
of museum memorabilia items. the dress worn by madona in themusic video, "like a virgin." music fans got a chance to check out michael jackson's jacket from "beat it." >> we took a number of the most iconic, most historic, and most fun pieces of music history from our different cafes and casinos from around the world, put it on this big right here, we've been driving it around the country all summer long, showing it to people for free. >> it's not just history, today's hottest artists also represented justin bieber's skate board. and snoop dog's coat right here is also on display. the hard rock memorabilia trailer left dc, but you can catch it in baltimore tomorrow from 11:00 to 5:00 at that hard rock. >> let's see what is in that truck. that truck needs some security. >> for sure. it will be hot. >> it will be hot. it is hot today, but hotter
5:50 pm
tomorrow. the good news is, this is not a long lasting heat wave like last week. just maybe a day of triple digit heat. after that, we'll start to cool down just a little bit. here is a look at the doppler radar. we do have showers to the north and west of us. for the rest of the tonight, we've got a chance for showers, it will be nice that the storm is north of dc. i would say close to mason/dixon line. we're not expecting the storms to be severe. temperatures are around 93 downtown. gaithersburg, you cooled down quite a bit. 84 because of the cloud cover. some areas are seeing more clouds than others. leesburg, 91, manassas, 91. and now you're at 88 degrees. it feelses like 98 downtown, and at gaithersburg, 91. manassas at 100. and out here, 111. because of the humidity, dew points are so well into the 70s. now for tonight, what can we expect? partly to mostly cloudy conditions, warm and muggy. isolated thunderstorms are possible, generally north of dc, north of maryland. lows are 68 to 78 degrees. winds will be light. so around downtown, cooling down to the mid-70s.
5:51 pm
manassas, 73. winchester, 72. annapolis is close to just 80 degrees. a warm night for you. now, out here, you'll cool down to 74. around 77. and friday morning as you're starting the day up, partly to mostly sunny, bring up the sunglasses from the commute. very warm by noon. for lunchtime, you may want to stay inside and in the air- conditioned building. air quality forecast, code orange, which means unhealthy for the rest of the group. winds are west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. the afternoon, very hot and humid. an isolated thunderstorm is possible. winds behind the west. around downtown, 100 degrees. annapolis is awfully hot. culpepper at 100. and you'll warm it up to 96. petersburg is near the mid-90s. if you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off, here is your forecast for friday. 90s, partly cloudy, a slight chance for showers and storms. but by saturday in the lower 90s, and heading up north to bethany beach, friday lookses pretty good. 93. chances for some showers and storms, saturday into the lower 90s and on sunday, in the upper
5:52 pm
80s. i wish i could be out at the beach this weekend. here is your seven-day outlook. hot tomorrow, saturday still hot, but at least a little cooler. quite a bit cooler at 95 degrees. sunday, 93, and we're staying in the 90s, the next seven days. you can notice the showers and storms that will be isolated. on saturday, a little more scattered. we'll watch that as the cold font comes on through -- the cold front comes through. we'll have a heat advisory from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. you want to take it easy tomorrow and that is a long- lasting heat wave. that's the good thing. >> yes, thank you. so now we know that he will not be a part of this year's redskins team. that's not the only change at redskins park. dave owens joins us live where it has been, let's just say a busy day of transactions, dave? had >> reporter: lesli, transactions and transitions, really the redskins were the oldest team entering 210. that won't be the case in 2011, but to get there, they need to part ways with very recognizable and popular
5:53 pm
players for you. exhibit a, like this player starting center for the last six seasons, but he was cut today. he only missed one start in those six years, but he is 33. the team is not interested in picking up the final two years of his contract. and now, phillip daniel also released one of the most revered guys in the locker room, they fought through serious knee and bicep injuries. daniel was 38 years old. and some other notable cuts, the runningback chad simpson, defensive tackle, anthony bryant, all getting their walking papers this afternoon. the team also required the players like the defensive ed from the cowboys -- defensive end, from the cowboys, they wanted to keep them and some consider a sleeper in this year's free agent class that might explain the $12 million guaranteed price tag. and some of the draft picks are in as well. redskins are showing you these people. he's a local kid and niles
5:54 pm
paul, the wide receiver. first round draft pick still unsigned. all right, much more coming up here from redskins park. we're going to have a lot of reactions from the albert haynesworth release this afternoon. you'll hear from some of the patriots players. for now we're live at redskins park. dave owens, 9sports now. ladies, back to you in the studio. >> all right, dave, thanks. up next what you eat could affect how you breathe. i'll have the story next in our health alert. and coming up at 6:00, the debt ceiling debate and breaking news for the house floor where a vote on speaker boehner's plan has been postponed. we're going to tell you more about this coming up at the top of the hour.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
tonight, new research that shows this might not cause behavior problem in kids. for years they debated if it's a good or bad idea for young children to sleep with their parents. a study today in the pediatrics journal shows that any kids that have slept with their moms are not true. co-sleeping is not the culprit. other factors have a much greater impact on a child's development. now, this humid weather is once again causing poor air quality as we have been saying. today, tomorrow, the next few days, we're under code orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups. and that includes people with asthma, but there might soon be relief from taking a simple supplement.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: days like this arebittersweet. she loves spending time outdoors and knows that between the heat and the pollen an asthma flare could be just a breath away. >> hot summer days like today with the humidity, a lot of the times when there is the air quality alerts, i do feel, you know, my asthma kick in a little bit. >> reporter: she makes sure to keep her rescue inhaler nearby. but recently she started trying something else. she is a part of a new national study to see if adding more soy to her diet could help her breatheeasier. >> americans do not take in a whole lot of soy, but for the groups that did, they seem to have better lung function, which made us think that this could improve their asthma as well. >> reporter: he is an asthma specialist at ohio state university helping to conduct this research. he says in places like asia where soy consumption is much higher, asthma complications tend to be lower. so hundreds of patients are
5:59 pm
being recruited in the u.s. to take soy supplements twice a day to see if it helps. >> we have very good drugs for asthma, and the majority of the patients, they work pretty well for them. the problem is when the first line medicines don't really work, then we're much more limited. >> reporter: but as soy appears to be effective, it could be a simple and inexpensive options for patients like katrina. >> i already take vitamins on a daily basis, so i thought maybe adding another supplement to my daily vitamin intake wouldn't be a big deal. >> now, doctors say that there is an ingredient in soy. it's a powerful anti- inflammatory, which might be what helps control asthma by keeping the airways open. thank you for joining us for 9news now at 5:00, 9news now at 6:00 starts right here. that is not fair to the american people. >> a few extremist republicans, notice i say a fe

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